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Dog & Cat Grooming 2

lhasa_bowGrooming for dogs and cats is available six days a week: Monday – Saturday. Check in is between 8am and noon, which will be followed by a call when your pet’s grooming is complete. Our three groomers and bathers want to ensure your pet has a pleasant grooming experience. Consistent grooming will help ensure your pet’s health and happiness. Grooming will also help prevent matting and relieve excess shedding. The frequency of grooming will depend on the breed. We use quality shampoos and conditioners from Natures Specialties. Let us know if you want us to use medicated shampoo for dogs that have dry or sensitive skin.

All grooming consists of a bath, blow out (hair and water), brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming.

Please be sure to give detailed instructions as to what you want done for your pet, i.e., how short is short. Special instructions are important since different clipper blades cut at different lengths.

Some mats are doable; some are not. We will not torture a pet, and therefore, the pet may need to be shaved. If there is too much matting, tangles or undercoat, the clippers can not get through and the mat will have to be shaved close. If the mats are left, they will only get worse! Mats pull at the skin, hurt the pet, and are unhealthy. If a matted pet is bathed, the mats will tighten similar to a knotted rope that gets wet. This is not fair to the pet!

We shave many pets due to shedding, matting and undercoat.

If an owner wants a “long coat” for their pet, i.e., cocker spaniels, yorkies, or shih tzus, the owner will need to brush and comb the pet everyday and visit the groomer more frequently. Remember to brush/comb the pet to the skin; not just the top layer.


lightCat2a200AWe prefer that cats arrive closer to noon because mornings tend to be busier and noisier. Afternoons are usually a less stressful environment for cats.We prefer not to bathe cats unless they are dirty or have bad skin.Most cats are able to keep themselves clean. Shaving greatly helps some cats that have problems with hairballs.Please bring your cat in a pet taxi.


Pricing varies, depending on several factors, including the type and size of the pet, what exactly you would like done, what condition your pet is in, whether or not they have fleas and/or ticks, and their general behavior. An estimate is much easier to give when we actually see your pet. We may however be able to give you a general estimate over the phone. Please call 618-344-4096 or contact Cindy for more information.


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